Spider in English Class

12 03 2012

While sitting in my English class

Sleep crept upon my being

My head began to dip and nod

My eyes were blurred of seeing


She took a firm grasp o’er me

I tried in vain to fight her!

Then all at once my heart leapt up

For I thought I saw a spider


All dreaming flew far away

As I looked yet again

For within these stone mundane walls

I thought I found a friend


Dear reader you may make of me

That my senses, leave have taken

Yet I will say I was quite sad

To find I’d been mistaken


A living thing that creeps and crawls

Within this cold hard place

Would have filled my heart with joy

And put a smile on my face


Yet no matter how hard I stare

My wishing’s not enough

I can not make a spider of

This lifeless ball of fluff




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