13 03 2012

Hail thee mighty facebook

Ye who connects all ends of the earth

How extensive your search results

255,000 John Smiths you possess

51 Mary Reaves

Your nationalities so varied

Like the color of fall leaves


I blame you O facebook

You make the world so small

I’ve friended so many people

Like my 3rd cousin’s, aunts’, uncle’s, wife’s cat

Users that whine and pout

When you update the site

And change the lay out. 


People in California

Poker buddies across the globe

No I don’t speak Arabic

But my flush beats your pair

O facebook filled with many ages

Why did you give the stalkers

Access to our pages?




3 responses

13 03 2012

Talk about synchronicity – I just wrote a poem about Facebook. And I don’t even use it much… So I had to read what you had to say about it – very funny and apt! Now you’ve given me the necessary nudge to publish my own poem on my blog.
Like you, I am blogging mainly for myself, as a sort of accountability system to keep me writing daily. I like your lack of pretentiousness, very refreshing!

13 03 2012

Lol thank you very much! Good luck with your writing. I have found it so hard to make time for my writing daily but I’m working on it and it’s getting better. Thanks for the comment and looking forward to getting to read some of your works as well.

13 03 2012

Has anyone started a Facebook Users Anonymous, yet?

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