The Courtyard

8 04 2012

(As a side note, this poem was written in real time, so I was composing the events as they were happening, the poem I mention writing was in fact the one you are about to read. enjoy)

We both traveled the same path

Opposite of one another

I arriving first

Just by a hairs breath

Into the secret courtyard

It’s deserted except for us two

With a heave and a sigh

I relive my back of its heavy strains

And set my pack upon the stones

Looking up I see her mirror me

As I being to disassemble the load

Our eyes meet

There is no friendship in them

Glances remain brief and suspicious

Will the one impose the others work

I watch her in the reflection

Of my lap top screen

Sheesh, we even sat the same way

Facing the sun

Soaking up its warmth

With both feet propped up in chairs

Another enters, unwelcomed

She starts talking

About what I don’t know, I don’t care

Chastised by looks she leaves

My contemporary has a book

I think she’s in my English class

It’s our English book at least

Silent she pours over it ,while I sit observing

She reading poetry, I writing it

Creator and reader

It takes both

Maybe one day she’ll sit in an abandoned courtyard

Much like today

Maybe she’ll sit and read my work

Unknowing it’s about hers truly

The thought bemuse me

Now packing up her stuff

She leaves me alone

Do I mourn her absence?

I know not

More come in, I scorn their presence

Dang look at the time

Math class begins in two minutes




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