A Unique Approach

13 04 2012

Before you go and critique this post let me first point out its peculiar nature. This my friends is an Alphabet story. Each sentence begins with a different letter of the alphabet. This can get kinda tricky, especially around X and Z. Yet another challenging stipulation to try and adhere to when writing. Knowing that, feel free to read on!



After getting off the bus, Staci tottered up the walk with her load. Baggage in hand, she opened the door to her great aunt’s house, dropped her luggage, and stared at her now summer home. Calling out her great aunt’s name, she wandered back to the kitchen. Despair filled her as she was greeted by a little, shriveled, old lady in pink. Everything she has hoped for their summer dissipated immediately. Fun seemed to fly straight out the frilly draped kitchen window. Great Aunt Joyce was a plain, slightly built woman. Her spectacles perched upon her nose, made her beady eyes look huge.

“Is that my buttercup?” Joyce croaked as she reached up and pinched Staci’s cheek. “Kathi, I’ve fixed you a room upstairs. Let me show it to you.” Mumbling something about being cursed with an identical twin, Staci followed the old woman up the stairs to where she waited on the dimly lit landing. Never feeling rushed, Joyce fumbled with a doorknob until the latch gave way, and the door swung free.

Opening the door flooded the dark hallway with light. Purples, blues and greens danced before Staci’s eyes. Quietly, Joyce watched Staci’s reaction through her glasses. Reeling with surprise, all Staci could do was stare. Speechless, she stepped into her new room and gazed around.

“There’s a couple of my old things I thought you’d like in the dresser. Unpack, take your time, and when you’re ready, I’ll be downstairs waiting with some milk and cookies.” Visits to family were generally boring, but this one threw Staci for a loop. Walking over to the dresser, she pulled open the top drawer and gasped. Xanadu couldn’t have been a better gift. You might not consider a handful of marbles, a slingshot and a couple mystery books as anything special, but to Staci they were perfect. Zeal filled her frame as she considered that there might be more to her summer, and Great Aunt Joyce than what she originally thought.




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