Liebester Blog Award

23 04 2012

So the other day I was surprised to receive an e-mail notifying me that I had been nominated for the Liebester Blog Award. It has been decently long since I have updated my blog. This came as a result of several tragedies. The first being the looming threat of college finals. I was stricken with carpal tunnel through unusual happenings that caused the ailment to leave as quickly as it came, though not without hindering all writing progress for two agonizing weeks. The third reason was the dreaded writer’s block. That’s why it meant so much to me when I discovered that my absence from the blogging world was noted. Thank you MarinaSofia for nominating me and for providing the inspiration to log back on and post again. I promise I will update again soon.

So there are a few things I have once having been graced with said honors:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them. (check!)

2) Copy and paste the award logo (accomplished)

3) Nominate five other bloggers you would like to pass the award on to.

Life Through a Lens – because I love her vantage style photography

The Ice Storm, Big Gust, and You – The poetry is super awesome and I want MORE!

Fibromy-Awesome – for the humor and trooper attitude.

The Nomad Grad – because I have a heart for travel like you. And I will take you up on all the tips just as soon as I get out of college and have the time and the budget to do so!

so that’s 4 and I’m still new to this blog stuff so I haven’t regularly started reading very many blogs yet. I guess number 5 will have to come at a later point in time.

4) Tell your readers ten random facts about you.


Ok y’all ready for this?

1. I teach ballroom dance class to jr high students.

2. I find editing/proof reading my own work dastardly tedious and the equivalent to pulling teeth. I will however proof other people’s work with a careful eye and patient consideration. I do not know why this is.

3. I was a biology major before I became an English major and it was difficult to choose between these two loves.

4.I Google anything and everything. Especially how to fix my car, which happens often enough to call it a hobby.

5. I am in love with Children’s literature. I hope to become a Jr. novelist one day.

6. Eating is like breathing. Except different because I actually put time and effort into the art. I love every aspect of food, from cooking to consuming. Drop by sometime, I’ll whip us up some good vittles.

7. Coffee and I have a love hate relationship. Which I see improving soon in light of the cold brew technique I was introduced to this weekend. The concentrate lasts for 2 weeks and isn’t as bitter as hot brewed coffee. I was shocked to discover that for the first time ever I was able to drink straight black coffee.

8. I work at a winery part-time and love to help match people with the proper flavor. However, I myself only like white wines.

9. I wish I was a gypsy.

10. Though I live fairly close to the equator, I still find myself freezing my butt off frequently. Like now…


Tada! There you go! Ok well I’m signing off for now but look for another post soon.




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