Hands of My Grandmother

25 04 2012


Fingers long and thin

Knuckles knobby

Palms straight

Hands thisa way hands thata way

One with the beings thoughts

Conversation could be muted

Yet you could still know the words

Just by the hands


Stop the hands

And conversation would cease


Both in motion

Sometimes only one

The other resting from previous flight


Made from fingers, knuckles, and palm

Fingers never straight when talking

Always slightly crooked

No pointing allowed

Unless it is with the knuckles

The palm is used often

Sometimes in a movement

As if shaking salt from it

Sometimes held as if a sign

Where you could read the words

Upon the surface



Such are the hands

Of my grandmother




3 responses

25 04 2012

Sounds like an Italian grandmother…?

26 04 2012

Close. German actually 🙂 Born in Berlin, raised in Hamburg and came to America when she was 19.

7 05 2012
Polly Robinson

Hands are such a give away – you capture the movement of your grandmother’s hands beautifully here

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