Back Again

15 05 2012

Hey peoples! Good new! I made it through finals and have crawled back to the land of the living. Sorry for my hiatus. More good news is that I won’t be taking summer classes and so will have more time to dedicate to my writing. And while I work on cranking out some more pieces to share with you, I’ll leave you with a temping tasty morsel…

With deft hands she wielded the knife with prowess. The flesh easily gave way under her expert strokes. As she chopped the crimson red flowed forth and stained her fingers. Once rigid, her victim fell into a pulpy mass. And yet her talent with the blade ensured that each piece was exactly the same size as the last and perfectly consistent with the next one. And then the unthinkable happened, though so familiar with the knife she lost track of where her hands were for a split second. In that nanometer of time, the curved and deadly blade jumped out and nicked her. Twas a small cut but the life blood flowed forth with a passion and mingle with the strawberry juice.




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