Things Learned

11 08 2012

Well here I am again. And I have to say it has been quite a summer. After finals I immediately started prepping for the marriage of my best friend (which was basically the most perfect wedding ever…. look for an engaging memoir piece about said event in the near future.) In addition to this I was also keeping up with three jobs and suffered an awful tragedy in the form of my computer crashing (fortunately I keep everything backed up and all my information was recovered.) All of this seemed to put quite a kink in my posting progress. HOWEVER just because I was not posting doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing. I was actually very busy completing a momentous work that I am very excited about (Sssshhhhh it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone.) What with the school year starting back this Wednesday I am going to attempt to get back into my posting habit. I’m taking an advanced poetry class this semester with a man who has the most genius, poetical mind. He reminds me of a Paul Bunyan of poetry. For your immense reading pleasure check out this link to his works

For today I’ll just let you enjoy his work instead of posting my own. I will say though that I have learned I must make time for my postings else they will never happen. Just like the initiation, and revision processes of writing I must also dedicate myself to sharing my work. Or else I spend hours upon hours simply writing for my own amusement (which though is very nice also could be taken as being very selfish.) Thank you dear readers for taking time out of your day to visit here.

Keep a keen eye out and I’ll see you soon!




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