In Praise of Calories

25 01 2013

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, sleep and calories make the world go round. Either one of these or preferably both together brighten my day considerably. I was able to obtain this combination earlier today after work and before class. There was some serious debate on my part which I should pursue first but sleep won out and I cashed in on a two hour nap which brought color and wonder to the rest of my day.
For the past week I’ve been bare bones when it’s come to creativity, motivation and yes even moving. Insomnia had punctuated my nights and barely allowed me enough sleep for functioning. However after catching up on some Zs I found myself actively seeking out food for the first time in days (for those of you who know me you know that’s a huge thing, for those
Of you that don’t know me, well, it’s a huge thing.)
My adventures for today began when Delores served me my flatbread sandwich. She’s new this establishment that I frequent and I have to say she’s the best addition yet! I say this because she distributed the ingredients of my sandwich evenly across the flatbread instead of lumping it in the middle and serving up a soppy mess of bleh. Thank you Delores for the food.
Next on my list of intrigues came as I slogged my way to the library. I passed the man who empties the parking meters. He had a string attached from his left shoulder stretched across to his right hip. On this string hung 100 or more brass keys of the same size. For some reason this made me happy. He dumped container after container of shiny quarters into his little personal roll along buggy that he pushed from meter to meter.
Once in the library I ran across one of the fellow members of our newly named poetry group. This has been an exciting event and I promise I’ll create a post elaborating on it shortly. For now you just need to know we call ourselves the Jones Valley Poetry Company. Anyway, we sat and had a nice chit chat about Dostoyevsky, the Victorian/Romantic era and how we both don’t do enough recreational reading.
Today has refreshed me. I actually feel the desire to write again and think about more than when I might could catch another nap. Here’s to food and sleep and creativity. I hope you get your full share!





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