17 04 2013

A little blog post by Cheyenne from the JVPC Abandonment/Decay.


First Time for Everything, Including Slamming

4 04 2013

I identify myself as a poet. Before I started college I was acutely aware that there were different kinds of poets in the world. There is the psalmist, hiku poet, Victorian, Romantic, but there are tons more besides which go on to include: minimalist, post-modern, formalist, etc. I know enough now to know that I don’t even know all the different kinds of poets there are. I, however, was quite recently introduced to slam poetry. Basically defined, slam poetry is poetry that is designed to be performed. If you want a more in-dept description click here.

I thought this was a pretty fantastic idea and loved sitting listening to two of my favorite slams. The first is by Levi the Poet and the second by Sarah Kay. Both are beautiful works and after listening to them I wanted to try my hand at it but I never really tried it until an email for UBA’s first poetry slam showed up in my inbox. The deadline was three days from then and so I made a snap decision and pulled my friend and fellow JVPCer Cheyenne along for the ride. It was a stellar experience and I learned a lot from it. I didn’t make it past the elimainaiton round but Chey did and she wound up recieving 3rd! I really didn’t feel like the expeience was about winning, loosing, placing or recieving points whcih is good consideiring how the MC kept repeating all night “the point is not the points, the point is the poetry.”

The slam titled “Poetic Justice: Words for Change,” was a platform for people to present their opinions on both heartfelt and controversial topics. And yeah we might not all think or believe the same things but I was enourmously pleased that those in attendance were willing to respectfully hear everyone out. I firmly believe in taking the time to understand people even if you don’t agree with them. All that to say the event lived up to its name. Now for those of you that couldn’t be there we did have some people in the audience taking video. Soooooooo here’s a few clips for your viewing pleasure:

A snippet of my slam titled “Babylong Never Died”


And Cheyenne’s slam in honor of her momma who was in the audience!



Aanyway thank you guys so much for reading and following this blog. I was surprised how many views my last post garnered considering how it was nothing fancy at all. I just want you guys to know that I appreciate the time you spend and share with me. My peoples rock!


My Apologies

1 04 2013

To all my readers out there sorry I’ve been off radar a little bit. I’ve been spending a good amount of time updating and setting into motion one of the other blogs I’ve been working on. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve helped form a Poetry Company based out of the Jones Valley (Birmingham Alabama) it’s been a ton of fun and you should def check out the work we’re producing. (you can do that here) The blog is still in its infancy but we’re working on it.

I’m also working on my two larger projects… Ok they are huge projects. I am in the process of rewriting/editing my first book and slaving away writing what is looking like an eventual trilogy. I didn’t exactly want it to be a trilogy but the work is kind of driving itself. I’m going to have to be careful and get it back under control before it becomes a Harry Potter undertaking.

Anyway just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve been finding time here and there to work on more of what I want, instead of floundering under a pile of schoolwork. Hopefully we’ll see some things come to fruition! Hope all is well in your world 😀


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