Strappin’ on Dem Serious Boots

3 05 2013

Well I am pleased to announce that graduation is close at hand. I have two classes left to take over the summer and then I’ll be done! (Save me the effort and insert here every recent college graduate’s blah blahing about not know what comes next. ) That being said, things are getting serious. One of my beloved professors has required that I mock up a query letter to an agent to pitch one of my books. No mock ups for me though as I will eventually (and very soon) be sending out query letters for real. I’m mostly done with my edits on my middle grade detective novel and as soon as I get another set of editorial eyes on it, I’m going to pitch it so hard and fast even Babe Ruth would have a hard time hitting it.

Other than that, life is just trucking right along. Went camping with Boss Vines and the Crew a few weekends back. We had the best time ever. It made coming back to school for the last two weeks very difficult. I’m so ready to not have to answer to classroom lecture and grades anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love my professors and they all know that they are not going to be rid of me any time soon. But I’m tired of pouring money out to get that special piece of paper.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. I’m about to start two more children’s books. One centers on a girl’s terror of dustbunnies, the other details a little boy’s search for the origin of thunder and lightning. I look forward to them both. Anyway y’all have a great day and thanks as always for reading!





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