Introductions to Love and Lupus

29 09 2013

Tipps for Life

At the continued prompting (okay, pestering) of my friends, family, and even a couple of my doctors, I have decided to do what all “real” writers do and start a blog.


Let me start with a couple of disclaimers.


First, this blog is probably going to be pretty self-centered. Every day, I think of at least 10 things I could blog about, but all those ideas result from things that happen to me or around me. I’m not creative—at least not as a writer. (But if you need a cooler painted or crafts for Big/Little Week, I’m your man.) You won’t find any short stories or works of creative fiction here. In fact, a sweet friend had to help me come up with a title and tagline, and she did a “blame good job,” as my dad would say.


Second, the chances of me discussing any heavy…

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