Nomad the Advocate

13 02 2014


Yeah, it’s true. I’m a sucker for all “causes.” I detest injustice and I have one of those bleeding hearts that constantly has me volunteering my time and talents to try and make a difference in this world. That’s why I became a writer to begin with. I was originally a biology major before I turned to English. I was going to go all Steve Irwin and go out into the wild, bagging and tagging animals and just being a general do-gooder for mother nature. 

That was until I discovered I would have to take calculus 1, 2 AND 3. Pre-cal-trig didn’t go so well, so I wound up changing my major. I figured I could help the animals even more by becoming their voice in the social world. Educate people about the plight of those who cannot fend for themselves. Well animals causes have expanded to include all social injustice and so forth ( as evidence by my newest editing position on the Birmingham voice, Birmingham’s street paper for the homeless.) I may only be 23 but as I see it, time is a ticking and I plan to make as many splashes in people’s complacent pools as I possibly can. 

If you want to start talking politics, technically I’m a conservative. I don’t believe that the government should be the one funding programs to give help to those that need it. We shouldn’t have to legislate generosity.  Just the fact that we have gotten that far means we have failed as a society. We as humans should not be so self centered as to ignore our fellow man in need. But we’ve gotten really good at putting on our blinders and walking around as if everything is peachy-keen. There is already a program set up to help those in need. It’s called the Church. And I don’t care who you are, if you’re living and breathing (this means you), you have a responsibility to help others. I was watching The Amazing Spiderman for the first time this weekend and Peter Parker’s Uncle, Whats-his-face, said something that I really liked. He said “If you can do good things for other people, you have a moral obligation to do those things. Not choice — responsibility.” 

So yeah….

All that to say, I’ve gone and done it again. I have a friend who has set up a non-profit to help a family recovering from domestic violence. I have met this family personally and am blown away by all they have had to suffer. In seeking to help I have built them a wordpress site to help them raise funds for the family and awareness for domestic violence issues. 

I believe that to change the world it doesn’t mean affecting masses of people at one time. True and lasting change comes by touching one heart, one person at a time. It sets off a chain reaction. One which you will never understand or know about. The important thing is to do what is within our power because we have a calling and a responsibility to do so. If you would take a minute and check out the new site I would appreciate it. If you feel so led, please leave a donation. If you have nothing to give (trust me I’ve been flat broke before, you’re taking to a recovering college student here) then you can do us a favor and reblog this post. You never know in whose hands this could land.

 Thank you as always for reading! I love you guys!





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