Missing the Aloha Spirit

28 05 2014

So, as I have mentioned before, I went to Hawaii over Christmas. I was there from December, 23 2013 till January 6, 2014. The purpose of my visit was to visit my best friend, Sarah, who had wed herself a soldier man and moved to Oahu. I promised her that I’d come and visit and immediately began saving for my trip. It took me a year to save enough funds to afford my plane ticket (over $1000 round trip during the busy season.) I had just gotten enough saved up and was shopping around when my Dad surprised me with a graduation present: one round-trip, coach ticket to Hawaii. I was thrilled and planned my visit to include Christmas, New Years and my birthday.

I hit the airport 8 days after my graduation. After so many years in school it was time for a well deserved vacation, no work, school, homework or appointments to keep for a whole two weeks, all while in the warmth/sunshine of a tropical climate WITH my best friend! How could it possibly get any better?


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