50 Word Short Stories

Being a writer, I at times find myself to be filled with more words than necessary. It’s a balancing act tying to determine exactly how much I need to say to get my point across, and how much the reader needs, to see the world I’m creating. It’s been a challenge to embrace the “less is more” ideal. I respect this style of writing very much. The best example I have of this would be Earnest Hemingway. Now there was a man that fleshed out a story not with what he said, but with what he didn’t say. In efforts to aspire to such literary art I decided to try my hand at 50 word short stories. If you don’t what that is… well the name said it all so I cannot help you beyond that. Below are some of my first attempts. I actually quite enjoyed myself. I realized that I don’t have to fill in the details and can still tell and entire story. And they are fun because they are sort of non-committal, it’s not like its novel length. I mean shoot, it’s only 50 words!

“Take it Casey! Just take it already!”

“I can’t do it Clair!” He shuddered, “Can’t you understand that?!”

She shoved past him and grabbed it with both hands.

“No! Clair don’t!” He lunged for it and tried to wrestle it from her grasp. Suddenly it slipped and fell into eternity.

Stepping on the accelerator, his car raced faster around the track. Victory was so close he could taste it. Third turn and the finish line came into view. He didn’t see the car but felt the impact. Flames licked up from the hood. Last thing he saw was the wall.

The gun pointed at his head reminded him that he had only 15 seconds left to complete the connection. His hands trembled and his palms grew clammy as he hastily soldered the last joint. Triumph lit his face as he slapped the power button. Nothing happened. His time was up…

Anyway, I enjoyed it so much that I’ll probably continue to post more on here. As a side note I would love to see other peoples attempts at this kind of limited writing. If you feel so compelled, comment with your 50word short stories.



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