All my favorite things in one!

11 06 2015

Hey y’all. So awhile back I took a photo of a statue in Birmingham and shared it on instagram with the caption where in the ham am I? I was at Linn park and the statue was a small reproduction of lady liberty. This statue gets no recognition because there is a more well known statue of lady liberty in Birmingham on 459. Anyway, my mom loved the idea and told me then and there I needed to start a book. That’s a huge undertaking but I’ve been slowly collecting the material to do so. Last week she returned from a vacation that involved seeing a lot of graffiti/street art that had social media tags attached to them. She told me that instead of a book I needed to do a blog for this Birmingham centric seek-and-find. Well you do what momma says. I took it a step further though and have blended the idea with my extensive knowledge of Birmingham history and trivia. The result is WhereintheHam. Thought y’all might be interested in the new project so I’m passing it on to you. Hope you enjoy!



Missing the Aloha Spirit

28 05 2014

So, as I have mentioned before, I went to Hawaii over Christmas. I was there from December, 23 2013 till January 6, 2014. The purpose of my visit was to visit my best friend, Sarah, who had wed herself a soldier man and moved to Oahu. I promised her that I’d come and visit and immediately began saving for my trip. It took me a year to save enough funds to afford my plane ticket (over $1000 round trip during the busy season.) I had just gotten enough saved up and was shopping around when my Dad surprised me with a graduation present: one round-trip, coach ticket to Hawaii. I was thrilled and planned my visit to include Christmas, New Years and my birthday.

I hit the airport 8 days after my graduation. After so many years in school it was time for a well deserved vacation, no work, school, homework or appointments to keep for a whole two weeks, all while in the warmth/sunshine of a tropical climate WITH my best friend! How could it possibly get any better?

Sometimes you just have to have rainbows in your coffee

15 09 2013


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