Here We Go Again…

19 11 2014

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been a minute but I just wanted to pop in here and dash off a quick post. In about an hour I will be well on my way to Beaufort North Carolina to do some research for a novel I’m working on. My Momma has decided to team up and come along. I consider this her contribution to the literary world (you know, aside from birthing me and all).

Anyway, we are both very excited and cannot wait to find the pule of this little town. I’ll check back in with y’all sometime soon. Hope life is going well for you!



Grad school doth be no joke

7 10 2014

Just kidding. So, I’m in graduate school now and it’s great. I’m a grad assistant so the college has basically decided to pay me to go to school. I think I’ve officially become a professional student. But we all knew that was gonna happen, right? By contract I had to give up all my other jobs, 3 or 4 of them. I think. I stopped counting a very long time ago. I actually don’t get out of bed before 8am now. WHO KNEW SLEEPING IN WAS A THING? And yes, 8am is sleeping in. I’ve also seen more of my family in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 8 months and it is glorious. It’s amazing the things I now have time for. family, friends, sleeping, writing, HIKING, and thinking. I have certainly missed just being able to sit and ponder things.

I am now also a member of the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators. But I may have told you that already. I don’t remember. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting some of my picture book ideas peer reviewed and hopefully will find an agent for them. There are so many possibilities swimming around and I’m very excited about it all.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hey. If any of you are working on something new, feel free to share in the comments box. I love making new friends and sharing ideas!


Poetry Restriction = Clamming

1 10 2012

Hey peoples, so as some of you may know and probably most of you do not, I’m in an advanced poetry class this semester. My professor gives us a lot of severe restrictions (syllable count per line, enjambment, topic specific, etc.) for each poem. After you get past wrapping your mind around such limitation you’ll discover it’s actually pretty liberating. I’ve written about some things I never would have attempted before… such as clamming. The research for the poem actually took longer than writing the darn thing. I googled my heart out and even reverted to calling up my momma (yes a shout out to the lady that birthed me! hi mom *waves*) who is a Florida native. This is just the first draft of the poem I created today so it’s by no means finished. But I was decently pleased with the results (minus the last couplet which was a little rushed) and figured I’d share it with you. If you have any suggestions for the next draft just leave them in the comment box. Well here it is peoples, cheers!


The moon is like a fat man’s fingernail tonight.
And the barnacles under the dock are as rocks

Closed up tight like morning glories before the sun’s first light
Breaks over the horizon. My grandfather once told me,
“You can eat the tubers, the Indians did, ‘tater style.”
But I prefer to sink my toes into the brackish silt,

Tread out the quahogs and reach down to mitt my
Hands into live ground. Thick soles don’t weal
Unlike the baby skin of the snow birds who
Rent shinicocks instead. But the rake is faster

And faster is what I need as the water threatens to lap
The hem of my rolled denim. And when the bucket’s filled
I’ll sit on the shore, wet skin prickling in the breeze
And inspect the bivalves who’s sides cleave to one another

With the adductor muscle; “One of the strongest in the
World,” my mother says popping them open with a sharp twist.
Tomorrow there will be chowder but tonight I watch
As my scrounging marks are erased

And that which was stale is refreshed and submerged,
Like the Nile’s inundation, restitution to the land.

Musing on Muses

4 09 2012

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel perfect genius comes to you but you are not in the right position to make good use of it? Happens to me all the time. It seems I’m never in the right place at the right time to best capitalize on my creative juices. Just today I was sitting at school when BAM! the motivation and inspiration to continue on one of my novels just hit me. I immediately grabbed for pen and paper and began to write. The unfortunate part of all of this was that I had left all my previous notes at home. I felt like I couldn’t make my present genius ideas mesh with my previous genius ideas unless I had them all at the same place at the same time where they could learn to play along nicely. It left me feeling almost vulnerable in a sense, wondering “will these new ideas flow well with my already established work? Will I have to rewrite to accommodate what I’m writing now?” Over all it was extremely inconvenient to work this way. Last semester I tried to relieve this problem by simply carrying all my current work with me… that didn’t work well at all. See I do all of my writing pen to paper. I find it creative-soul crushing to work on the computer. The benefit to this is if my computer were ever to crash (like it did this summer) I would have hard copies of all of my work. (Note: this doesn’t prevent against a house fire and my writing space could be considered a fire hazard with the amount of paper I use.) The other down side to doing everything in paper is that paper is heavy… really heavy. I’m still having to take visits to the chiropractor to get things straightened out from the back pack I lugged everything around in. (I tried one of those rolling briefcases too… didn’t really work that well either.. I still had to lift the dang thing in and out of the car.) So there I was, stuck without my notes and with genius tickling my brain. In retrospect this situation reminded me of a poem that I once wrote and so I dug through my cyber files so I could share it with all of you lovely people.


Tidings of the Muse



Act now while the muse is within your grasp

She dances at your fingertips

Don’t let her escape

Softly she beckons you to regions unknown

Inviting you to your full potential

Now she slips away

Fading into twilight

Now swiftly back again

But only for a shot time

Use what she has given you to your advantage

Be nice to the sprightly elf

Cling with a firm grip that which tries to elude you

But do you squeeze for fear of harming the wisp

No need to anger her else she shall not return

Now you have made use of her and it is time

To release that which you cannot control

Do not expect to see her return soon

But always be ready for her coming

Be ever watchful

As you glimpse her far away on the horizon

Do not mourn her absence

But wait patiently

Make your abode pleasing to her

And she SHALL come again


Well there you have it loves. I’m sure many of you can relate with what I’ve expressed tonight. Blessings on your writings and creative ventures. Keep after your goals and you’ll find  them rewarded.

Until next time, Ciao

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