All my favorite things in one!

11 06 2015

Hey y’all. So awhile back I took a photo of a statue in Birmingham and shared it on instagram with the caption where in the ham am I? I was at Linn park and the statue was a small reproduction of lady liberty. This statue gets no recognition because there is a more well known statue of lady liberty in Birmingham on 459. Anyway, my mom loved the idea and told me then and there I needed to start a book. That’s a huge undertaking but I’ve been slowly collecting the material to do so. Last week she returned from a vacation that involved seeing a lot of graffiti/street art that had social media tags attached to them. She told me that instead of a book I needed to do a blog for this Birmingham centric seek-and-find. Well you do what momma says. I took it a step further though and have blended the idea with my extensive knowledge of Birmingham history and trivia. The result is WhereintheHam. Thought y’all might be interested in the new project so I’m passing it on to you. Hope you enjoy!



The Unfortunate Bridegroom

5 09 2012

Just for fun everyone. If you’re looking for perfection and formality in this one, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a smile, read on. 😀  Enjoy!


Pray tell my good sir

Would you lend me your ear?

For I have a dreary tale

That I need someone to hear


Forgive me my good sire

For I hate to intrude

But ya see I have this problem

And I don’t know what to do


I was on my way to church

Where I was to be wed

Until a tragedy occurred

That’s left me here instead


I had bought a proper ring

To bestow upon my bride

But it would seem that my pocket

Was not intact inside


This I did not discover

Till I was half way here

And I’m afraid fate has brought about

The greatest of my fears


Now no ring have I got

To present to my wife

And should she find out

She’s liable to take my life


I’ve searched frantically

But its no where to be found

I’ve doubled backed my tracks

And searched a quarter mile ground


So here I stand quaking

While the alter waits inside

I cant enter within

But neither can I hide


Yet I cannot find the ring

And cannot buy another one

Spending all my funds upon the first

Now money have I none


The gentleman paused in his walk

And thought it over thrice

Then turning to the groom

He offered his advice


Run home young man

And fetch forth a bell

Then you must shake it

And you must shake it well


The ringing brought forth

You must capture in a jar

So the next time it is opened

It will sound near and far


Then a ring you should have

To present to your wife

By which she will be satisfied

And you shall have your life


Then the man stepped away

Without another word

Leaving the poor lad slack jawed

Sitting on the curb

Tennessee Fog

13 04 2012

Tennessee Fog

Taken hanging out the window on the way to raft the Ocoee river. When I’m not writing I also happen to have a penchant for photography and drawing. I do a little bit of everything. Except knit. Not that I wouldn’t consider knitting… I’ve just not gotten around to picking it up yet.

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